MSU Extension helps farmers understand impacts of new Farm Bill

Farmer's fieldThe 2014 Farm Bill will affect Michigan farms in many ways. Michigan State University Extension provides farmers with information to navigate Farm Bill programs by working with other sources around the country to provide farmers with the latest information as it becomes available. MSU Extension has a Farm Bill page full of resources, important dates,  email newsletters and upcoming educational events hosted throughout MichiganEach farm location and each farmer’s individual needs are very different, therefore choosing which programs are a good fit will depend on farm specific variables and individual needs.

The Agricultural Act of 2014 – commonly called 2014 Farm Bill – that was signed in early 2014 is quite different from what farmers and landowners were accustomed to in former farm bills. Although there may be similarities to past farm bills, it is very important that farmers begin to learn as much as they can before deciding on what program is best suited for their current situation. Continue reading Farm Bill Title I educational programming for farmers and landowners by Adam Kantrovich.

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  • Michigan is number one in the nation in chestnut production, with more than 100 farms consisting of 600 acres.

  • Thumb area attorney talks about how the RELAX program helps her deal with stress.

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